10 Funniest 'Saturday Night Live' Athlete Hosts

Ronda Rousey takes on her toughest challenge yet as host of 'SNL' – can she follow in the footsteps of these sports greats?

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3. Joe Montana, 1987

Montana was the host with the most. OK, so technically he co-hosted with Chicago Bears' great Walter Payton on an episode that aired the night before Super Bowl XXI, but whether he was sparring (and shuffling) with Dana Carvey's Church Lady, or declaring "I'll be in my room masturbating" in the now-classic "Sincere Guy Stu" sketch, Joe Cool was the real star, proving he had the stones to go places few athletes of his era would dare. Shit, you'd have a hard time finding one who'd push the envelope like this in 2016.

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