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10 Horrifying Things About the Government Shutdown

October 4, 3:10 PM ET

Sushi scares, the loss of national parks, slower Netflix times and more have made for a lame week | More »

Poor Preschoolers Suffer During Government Shutdown

October 4, 12:25 PM ET

Head Start's early-childhood education programs have been devastated by federal sequestration and this week's events | More »

October 1, 2013

Don't Forget About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

October 1, 3:35 PM ET

More than two million Syrians have fled their country and are living in often dangerous conditions | More »

Republicans Shut Down the Government, But They Can't Stop Obamacare

October 1, 11:30 AM ET

Tea Party Republicans are thrilled about taking away benefits from millions of needy Americans, but they're losing in the long run | More »

Talking Jamie Dimon With Sam Seder of 'The Majority Report'

October 1, 11:20 AM ET

Any other boss in any other industry would be looking for work | More »

September 26, 2013

Looting Public Pensions: A New Think-Tank Study

September 26, 1:45 PM ET

How right-wing financiers influence the pension reform movement | More »

Looting the Pension Funds

September 26, 7:00 AM ET

All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers | More »

September 24, 2013

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Compares Bonus Criticism to Lynch Mobs

September 24, 3:50 PM ET

Somebody tell these guys how smart they're not, or we'll be in another crisis before we know it | More »

September 20, 2013

Forbes Calls Goldman CEO Holier Than Mother Teresa

September 20, 2:55 PM ET

Let's fill them in on some of the ways the bank has made its money | More »

September 19, 2013

Is the FBI's Domestic Spying Out of Control?

September 19, 2:05 PM ET

A new ACLU report shows how the Bureau's domestic surveillance program has exploded since 9/11 | More »

Flooding and Fracking in Colorado: Double Disaster

September 19, 1:10 PM ET

Serious flooding threatens the state's 50,000 controversial oil and gas wells | More »

Matt Taibbi Talks Lehman Anniversary

September 19, 12:00 PM ET

Listen to Matt's recent appearance on NPR | More »