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The Rumored Chase-Madoff Settlement Is Another Bad Joke

December 16, 3:05 PM ET

What does it mean if the government accepts a deferred-prosecution deal with the banking giant? | More »

December 13, 2013

One Year After Newtown: 20 Reasons for Hope And Despair

December 13, 12:00 PM ET

Gun control faltered in the Senate, but at least some states are passing stricter laws after the tragedy at Sandy Hook | More »

December 12, 2013

Lurid Subprime Scams Unveiled in Long-Running Fraud Trial

December 12, 4:20 PM ET

More evidence emerges that predatory lenders intentionally took advantage of vulnerable borrowers | More »

December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela Dead at 95

December 5, 5:03 PM ET

South Africa's first black president led fight against apartheid and became a worldwide voice for peace | More »

December 4, 2013

Another Batch of Wall Street Villains Freed on Technicality

December 4, 5:10 PM ET

Why the GE Capital convictions were quietly overturned, and what it says about justice on Wall Street | More »

Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets

December 4, 9:00 AM ET

How two alienated, angry geeks broke the story of the year | More »

December 3, 2013

Five Republicans Who Didn't Let a Fatal Accident Spoil a Good Hashtag

December 3, 1:55 PM ET

A train wreck in New York killed four people, but these politicians kept on tweeting | More »

November 27, 2013

The Next Five States to Legalize Marriage Equality

November 27, 12:05 PM ET

Now that Illinois and Hawaii have allowed same-sex unions, who's next? | More »

November 22, 2013

John F. Kennedy's Prophetic Rebuke of Tea Party Politics

November 22, 1:50 PM ET

In the speech he never got to give, the slain president spoke out against right-wing irrationality | More »

Blow by Blow: 10 Politicians Linked to Cocaine

November 22, 11:30 AM ET

Congressman Trey Radel isn't the first politician to make headlines from white lines | More »

November 21, 2013

Will Justice Be Served in the A-Team Killings?

November 21, 10:56 AM ET

Questions surround official investigation of alleged U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan | More »

November 20, 2013

John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace

November 20, 12:30 PM ET

On the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, his nephew recalls the fallen president's attempts to halt the war machine | More »