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As the World Burns

June 1, 5:02 PM ET

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March 30, 2006

Sinking Ship?

March 30, 12:00 AM ET

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November 17, 2005

The Climate Crisis And The Need For Leadership

November 17, 4:10 PM ET

Al Gore urges the need for a solution to Global warming | More »

August 25, 2005

Inside the Horror Show That Is Congress

August 25, 12:00 AM ET

Warning: Should not be viewed by small children or anyone with a shred of idealism | More »

November 11, 2004

John Kerry: The Rolling Stone Interview

November 11, 8:00 AM ET

Preparing for his second debate with George Bush, the Democratic candidate is relaxed but wearing his game face | More »

October 28, 2004

The Most Trusted Name in News

October 28, 9:45 AM ET

How Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' made the "fake news" a hit - and more relevant than the real thing | More »

July 24, 2003

The Killer Elite Part Three: The Battle for Baghdad

July 24, 12:00 AM ET

While U.S. forces in the Iraqi capital celebrate the fall of Saddam Hussein, the exhausted Marines of First Recon grind toward their most desperate and bloody battle yet | More »

July 10, 2003

The Killer Elite Part Two: From Hell to Baghdad

July 10, 12:00 AM ET

One week into the war, the invaders have become the prey, the killing has become routine and the men of Bravo Company are beginning to wonder if they have been sent on a suicide mission | More »

June 26, 2003

The Killer Elite

June 26, 12:00 AM ET

Meet the Marines of Bravo Company - proud, hardened professionals who deal in that most specialized of American exports: ultraviolence. The true story of bullets, bombs and a Marine platoon at war in Iraq | More »

January 18, 2001

Kids and Guns: In Their Own Words

January 18, 8:00 AM ET

In a Maryland county where twelve teenagers were arrested on murder charges within one month, high school students talk about fear, violence and their uneasy faith in firearms | More »

June 8, 2000

What I Saw at the Gun Show

June 8, 8:00 AM ET

David Koresh and those nice young men from Columbine armed themselves at the traveling ballistics bazaars known as gun shows | More »

March 19, 1998

Tales from the Inquisition The Prosecutor

March 19, 8:30 PM ET

Kenneth W. Starr in the tangled web of right-wing extremists, paranoids and big money | More »