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July 23, 2014

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

July 23, 12:20 PM ET

Watch the former First Lady break the playful bad news to her son | More »

July 17, 2014

Back to Baghdad: Life in the City of Doom

July 17, 9:00 AM ET

Ten years after he left, a once-proud soldier returns to a city on the brink of civil war to confront the madness America created and the sadness, violence and chaos we left behind | More »

July 14, 2014

Richard Martinez: Turning Anguish Into Activism

July 14, 9:00 AM ET

The outspoken father of an Isla Vista shooting victim is demanding change | More »

Confessions of a Liberal Gun Lover

July 14, 9:00 AM ET

It's not just libertarians and conservatives who are ready to defend the Second Amendment with a finger on the trigger | More »

The Zealot: Larry Pratt Is the Gun Lobby's Secret Weapon

July 14, 9:00 AM ET

How the fear-mongering, paranoia-stoking executive director of the Gun Owners of America remade the modern gun movement | More »

Her Right to Bear Arms: The Rise of Women's Gun Culture

July 14, 9:00 AM ET

On the ground in Texas at a women's gun conference, where the bullets fly, the bras have holsters and the motivations are murky | More »

How to Beat the NRA In 7 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

July 14, 9:00 AM ET

The gun lobby seems like a Goliath, but here's how to play David | More »

July 8, 2014

Michael Bloomberg Isn't Afraid of the NRA

July 8, 10:00 AM ET

In a rare interview, the former New York mayor takes on the gun lobby, Congress and critics of his controversial stop-and-frisk policy | More »

July 2, 2014

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

July 2, 9:00 AM ET

By protecting transgender federal employees, the president makes a powerful statement of equality | More »

July 1, 2014

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

July 1, 9:00 AM ET

In today's Texas, which is falling into the hands of gun nuts, border-sealers and talk-radio charlatans, George W. Bush would practically be considered a communist | More »

June 24, 2014

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

June 24, 12:20 PM ET

Humans to Earth: "Drop dead" | More »

June 23, 2014

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

June 23, 10:00 AM ET

Nonpartisan group hopes to register 1.5 million new voters, fight back against legislature threatening voting rights | More »