When You Put it Like That, It Makes Perfect Sense

Why can't we get a simple health plan like "Medicare For All"?

Even a limited form of simple, universal catastrophic coverage like "Any Bill Over $2,500, You Don't Pay" would be an improvement. Instead we get — from Hillary and everyone else not named Kucinich — a clusterfuck of tax credits and "provisions to limit the employer tax exclusion" that make the simple concept of universal health care a headache-producing and largely incomprehensible mishmash like this:

HillaryClinton.com - American's Health Choices Plan

A Net Tax Cut for American Taxpayers: The plan offers tens of millions of Americans a new tax credit to make premiums affordable-which more than offsets the increased revenues from the Plan's provisions to limit the employer tax exclusion for health care and discontinue portions of the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000. Thus, the plan provides a net tax cut for American taxpayers.