Today in Occupy Wall Street

occupy uc berkeley
AP Photo/Ben Margot
University of California at Berkeley police officer E. Tejada, left, asks for the dispersal of students and the removal of tents in front of Sproul Hall.
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• Police moved in on the fledgling encampment on the UC Berkeley campus, arresting seven students. [SFGate]

• In response to the Berkeley arrests and continued police violence at Occupy Oakland, the Berkeley City Council nixed a mutual-aid agreement with the university's police. [San Jose Mercury News]

• Progressive heavyweight Russ Feingold announced his support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying that "this kind of citizen reaction to corporate power and corporate greed is long overdue. [Washington Post]

• Joan Baez will headline a concert in support of Occupy Wall Street tomorrow, according to movement organizers. [Daily Intel]

• The New York Post's "agenda-driven reporting" has led the right-wing drive to smear Occupy Wall Street. [The Daily Beast]

• Occupy Wall Street was joined by union members at a protest outside auction house Sotheby's; eight were arrested. [New York Observer]

• The Oakland Police have refused a request by Northern California's ACLU branch to release police reports documenting their use of force as required by law. [Alternet]

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