Taking Back the House: Top 10 Races to Watch

This week National Affairs Daily will continue Rolling Stone's look at the Top 10 races to watch next Tuesday in order to gauge the magnitude of the Democratic wave. (Click here to read the introduction to the package.)

All signs still point to a Republican washout. But will Democrats secure a governable majority? These races should tell the tale.

They're each stretches...In a normal year few would put these safely gerrymandered districts on a watchlist. But this isn't a normal year; and these races will be very much in play.

The list so far (with the lastest poll numbers from MajorityWatch.com).

  • California's 4th; It's the Great Corruption, Charlie Brown: John Doolittle* v. Charlie Brown (49/46)
  • New Mexico's 1st; May the Best Woman Win: Heather Wilson* v. Patricia Madrid (44/52)
  • Connecticut's 5th; Age and Treachery v. Youth and Skill: Nancy Johnson* v. Chris Murphy (43/51)
  • Pennsylvania's 7th; Stick a Fork in Him, He's Weldon: Curt Weldon* v. Joe Sestak (44/51)
  • Ohio's 15th; The Pryce of Loyalty: Deborah Pryce* v. Mary Jo Kilroy (41/53)
  • *=Republican incumbent