Supreme Court: Dismember Fetuses In-Utero

In the cynical politics of abortion, today's Supreme Court ruling — OK'ing a Congressional ban on 'partial birth' abortion — really takes the cake.

This procedure is now banned:

However the much more common procedure below is still legal, and indeed will now increase in frequency:

Even if you're devoutly antiabortion, this is no moral victory.

This is Congress and the Court micromanaging medical practices that need to be left to doctors and their patients.

No fetuses will be saved by this action. As is evident from the diagrams, the only upshot of this is that a small number of women who undergo late term abortions will be subjected to a more complex procedure, one that, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, can pose a greater risk of "catastrophic hemorrhage and life-threatening infection."

Same number of abortions. More dead women. Culture of life my ass.

(Images: Fair Use/Educational)