Stop the Presses: Obama Calls Palin a Cannibal

People are like so totally missing the real outrage point here.

Palin said she's a pit bull with lipstick.

Obama said McCain's "change" rhetoric was like putting lipstick on a pig.

By the transitive property of lipstick, Obama was calling Palin a pig.

But it gets worse!

Obama also declared that Palin had a taste for... pork!!!

Following the McCain campaign's irrefutable logic to its conclusion, Obama was also calling piggy Palin a pork-thirsty cannibal.

God this guy is sick.

America will be much safer after this arugula-eating celebrity Anti-Christ retreats to the smoke filled back rooms of the anarchist bomb-making Chicago political establishment and puts the finishing touches on "Obamasutra: Kink for Kindergarteners."