Republican Hair, Pizza-Based Economy, More: Best GOP Debate Tweets

CNN Reporter, Wolf Blitzer Credit: Courtesy Video

While the eight Republican candidates fought it out in Tampa, pretty much everyone else took to Twitter to crack wise about the night's events. Below, a few of the night's funniest debate-related tweets. 

@DavidCornDC: "Huntsman is just one Pearl Jam reference away from totally losing this race."

@murphymike: "Listening to Perry try to a put a complicated policy sentence together is like watching a chimp play with a locked suitcase."

@TheIndecider: "Herman Cain: The U.S. has natural energy resources. Like the grease from his pizzas."

@JohnFugelsang: "Ron Paul talks about the cost of war & uses the word 'occupation;'  David Koch calls in Death Eaters to wipe audience's memories."

@Johndevore: "Republicans have such nice hair. I bet if you stuffed a pillow with Republican hair, you'd dream about leather sofas that chuckle."

@BorowitzReport: "Question for tonight's GOP debate: 'How does your plan for dismantling the US government differ from al-Qaeda's?'"

@TheIndecider: "Rick Perry: 'I am always going to err on the side of life.' Unless we're in Texas and you're in jail. #CNNTeaParty" 

@FrankConniff: "Bachmann said 'I would not reappoint Ben Bernanke.' Bernanke now one of the few Americans with job security."

@HuffPostHill: "SUMMARY OF THE LAST TWO DEBATES: Moderator: 'Rick Perry, you said something crazy.' Rick Perry: 'Yes I did.' Audience: [MASSIVE APPLAUSE]

@PourMeCoffee: "'I'm Rick Perry, and I want to make Washington as inconsequential as Jon Hunstman's candidacy.'"

@BorowitzReport: "POLL: In a hypothetical race between Perry & Obama, a majority of Perry voters said, 'What does hypothetical mean?'”