Question of the Day

From a reader of The Plank

Why doesn't Obama just stick to a very simple message: "Experience? Senator, you're a smart, valued colleague, but on the biggest domestic issue of recent years, the need for universal, affordable health insurance, you screwed it up so badly you set back the possibilities for almost a generation — we're only just now beginning to get back to the point that we were at when you mismanaged that program in 1993. And on the biggest foreign policy issue in recent years, you just plain got it wrong — you voted to give this president the authority to start a war in Iraq, a war that is surely the biggest foreign policy debacle since Vietnam, and indeed will probably have graver consequences than even that catastrophe. That's 0 for 2 on the most important questions facing our country. With all due respect, we could stand a bit less of your experience."

Hits the nail on the head for me. How 'bout you?