Palin Resigns. But Why?!


Sarah Palin has pulled the plug on her governorship. Before the end of her only term. At an impromptu press conference. At her house. On a Friday. Before the 4th of July. And refuses to answer questions.

This is not in keeping with a woman with presidential ambitions.

And certainly not in keeping with a politician who has learned to milk a media frenzy for every last drop (see Letterman, David.)

No. This has the hallmarks of a politician slinking away before the shit hits the fan.

Really. If this were some double-bank-shot designed to bolster her presidential standing (as AP seems to suggest) would Sarah Palin choose to duck out on the first day of a three-day weekend? When the entire American mediaplex is off buying ice for the cooler?

No way.

Another shoe is about to drop, but what is it?

UPDATE: Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC reporting Palin sources saying ex Guv is "out of politics for good."

UPDATE II: If you're looking for the most plausible unsubstantiated scandalicious rumor about Palin's sudden exit, Bradblog is your buddy.