Occupy Wall Street: Oakland Protesters Are Back

A protester holds up a sign referencing Scott Olsen, a former Marine who was shot in the head by a police projectile during a protest the previous evening. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Latest News

• Occupy Wall Street protesters return to Oakland Square after clashes with police. [VOA News]
• An Iraq War veteran was critically injured in the Oakland crackdown. [CBS News]
• Oakland's mayor, Jean Quan, issued a contrite statement about the police crackdown. [SFGate]
• Protests across the country are testing the nerves of city leaders. [Wall Street Journal]
• A round-up of developments in the global Occupy protests [Business Week]
• With the Occupy Wall Street movement at their back, two Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing for a transaction tax on speculative trades. [Huffington Post]
• A new poll of New Yorkers finds broad support for the protesters and a surtax on millionaires. [Quinnipiac]


• Occupy Wall Street isn't against corporations - it's against corporate crime, says Bob Cesca. [Huffington Post]
• Jon Stewart is appalled by police brutality in Oakland… "unless, was one of the protesters Godzilla?" [Talking Points Memo]
• Occupy Wall Street is not just a leftwing Tea Party, says Ana Marie Cox of the Guardian. [The Guardian]


• From the media to your mind: five other places to occupy [The Week]
• Four other Wall Street protests you haven't heard of [SFGate]
• New risk for Occupy Wall Street: less media interest [Reuters]
• Elizabeth Warren stands by Occupy Wall Street [Washington Post]

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