House Approves FDA Oversight of Tobacco

By a vote of 298 to 112, the House voted today to put tobacco products under the oversight of the Food and Drug Administration, giving FDA the authority to regulate the marketing and manufacturing of cigarettes.

"Today we have moved to place the regulation of tobacco under FDA in order to protect the public health," said Henry Waxman, the bill's architect. "I have every hope for firm and certain action by the Senate to pass this legislation so we can at long last send it to the President and better protect the American people from tobacco with the full force of our public health laws."

The bill bans the marketing of "light" "slim" and "low-tar" cigarettes, bans tobacco advertising and sponsorship at sporting events, and limits vending machines to adults-only venues. It bars all tobacco advertising within 1,000 feet of a school and gives the agency the authority to ban harmful additives like menthol.

It's passage seems likely in the Senate.