Financial Instruments of Mass Destruction

Color me skeptical about the massive bailout that -- over the course of a weekend -- is poised to add another Iraq-war-priced burden on my and my daughter's generations.

We're being peddled fear. We're being told tales of imminent catastrophe. If we don't give Wall Street, what $700 billion?, a trillion dollars?, for their mortgaged-backed securities shitpile, your life savings and mine will be in jeopardy. There's no time to think about it. To weigh other options. We must act.

It's 2003 all over again, except instead of preempting the threat of WMD, we're being asked to preempt the fallout from Financial Instruments of Mass Destruction.

The last thing this administration has earned over its tenure is $700 billion in tax-payer deference to its assessment of clear and present dangers.

Let's take a deep breath, change our underwear, and start asking some hard questions, people.