Comment of the Day

Doglogan writes:

Understanding the gay marriage issue is a matter of maturity. I grew up thinking homosexuality was disgusting and unnatural. I made fag jokes with my buddies and shunned people I thought were gay. Later in life I got to know a bunch of good, decent people who happened to be gay. I found that most of the monogomous, same-sex relationships around me tended to be stronger than a lot of straight ones. Kind of hard to deny the proof right in front of my eyes. Combine that realization with a matured understanding and comfort with my own (hetero) sexuatlity —and poof, the homophobia disappeared. Once I reached that level of maturity, it was impossible for me to deny two good and decent, committed, monogamous people the right to commit themselves to a legally binding, state recognized partnership - the same right that these same people would have if they were born attracted to members of the opposite sex. That was my journey. My guess is that most people opposed to gay marriage stalled out somewhere in stage one maturity.

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