Clinton: General Election Trouble

The latest Zogby poll — a big one with a very low margin of error (±1%) — has troubling numbers for Senator Hillary Clinton.

She's dropped below all five top Republicans in prospective head-to-head matchups:

Giuliani 43 / Clinton 40

Romney 43 / Clinton 40

Huckabee 44 / Clinton 39

Thompson 44 / Clinton 40

McCain 42 / Clinton 38

The news is somewhat better for Edwards, who is running neck-and-neck with the GOP frontrunners.

Obama, meanwhile, is seen cleaning Republican clock, beating each opponent by at least 5 and more often 7 percent.

This if these numbers keep up they'll put a major dent in Clinton's electability cred. They certainly gird Obama's argument that he's the one Democrat who can attract open-minded independents and Republicans.

UPDATE: Real questions raised about integrity of this poll.