Campaign Roundup: Debate Night!

Herman Cain speaks during a presidential debate held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Credit: Melina Mara/Pool via Bloomberg via Getty Images

• It's Tuesday, so we must be due for another GOP presidential debate. All eyes are on Herman Cain, tonight's designated piñata. [NPR]

• Incredibly, Cain is running ahead of Obama, 41-43 percent, in a new general election poll. [Fox News]

• Ahead of tonight's smackdown, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have released dueling videos, Perry's talking up his jobs record, Romney's trashing same. [Washington Post]

• Is Romney waging cyberwarfare on Perry? His campaign seemingly gobbled up a whole bunch of anti-Perry web domains, including,, and (Today's web video lives at [National Journal]

• Make no mistake: President Obama is in full-on campaign mode on his swing-state jobs tour, "underscoring how long and tough his re-election campaign is likely to be." [Reuters]

• Also underscoring that: Obama's approval numbers have slumped to a new low of 41 percent in New Hampshire. [Politico]

• We already knew it at some level, and now Science has the backup: voters prefer taller candidates. [National Journal]