All The News That Fits ... Temporary Turmoil in Thailand, No Troop Cuts in Iraq, and more

  • US Generals: no troops Cuts for'06 or'07. Rise in violence forces Army to extend tours of duty, boost its numbers as US Officials, Iraqis alike lose confidence in Prime Minister's ability to hold the country together.
  • General at the head of Thailand's bloodless coup says he will step down in two weeks, handing off power to an interim government. Full democratization not likely for another year at earliest.
  • New judge raises voice, tempers in the Hussein case courtroom; defense team storms out the door.
  • New Jersey senate race now tied; no GOP victories there for thirty-four years.
  • New best friends/improbable sitcom couple Newt & Hill defend the pope.
  • Al "Current TV" Gore links up with Yahoo to shock the nation with four new broadband channels.

[With Rolling Stone]