All the News That Fits...Saddam Returns to Court, GOP Candidate Disses Bush and More

  • Two days after receiving the death sentence, Saddam Hussein re-enters the courtroom for a second trial, this one concerning the massacre of over 180,000 Iraqi Kurds. Meanwhile, Tony Blair opposes his execution.
  • China vows to double aid to Africa by 2009; More loans offered, more debts cancelled, 15,000 Africans to undergo Chinese education, with hospitals and schools in the works.
  • Transparency International ranks corruption in 163 nations. Haiti rated last, followed closely by Iraq, while US dips from 17th to 20th, and Finland finishes first.
  • In parts of Florida, Bush has become so unpopular that GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist just snubbed him, pulling a no-show at his own last-minute rally. Offended Karl Rove breaks ranks, vents to reporters.
  • Be warned: With Democrat's hopes so high, even a victory could signal a defeat to the party's big-money contributors.