All the News That Fits. . . GOP Loses Evangelical Support, Iraq Chaos on Youtube and More

  • California Supreme Court rules that the judiciary is constitutionally prohibited from overturning same-sex marriage bans. Presiding Justice William McGuiness: "We believe this power rests in the people and their elected representatives.''
  • Pew Research Center Poll: GOP support among Evangelical Christians drops 21 points.
  • Colombian labor union's lawsuit against Coca-Cola, inc. — a company they say hired paramilitary thugs to violently suppress their unionization attempts — is dismissed by a Miami judge. US District Judge Jose Martinez found that "Demonstrating indirect liability for human rights abuses on the part of corporate entities is an inherently difficult task."
  • New survey puts New Orleans' pop. at 187,525. That's a number significantly lower than the 300,000 residents previously expected to have returned by September, and a statistic likely to affect how per-capita resources are distributed.
  • It was only a matter of time before video clips of insurgent attacks in Iraq found their way on Youtube.
  • Welcome to New York: Ivy League Socialists, Arizona's Anti-Immigration Militia, throw blows at a Columbia University's Minutemen Rally. The brawl erupted after the socialists unfurled a banner reading "No Human Being is Illegal!"