Acts of War

Three Israeli soldiers captured. Three runways at Beirut's Rafik Hariri airport and a Hezbollah TV station bombed. 27 Lebanese civilians dead. Sixty Lebanese rockets fired at the Israeli border town of Nahariya. In Gaza: 23 Palestineans dead after an Israeli attack that wounded senior Hamas leader Mohammad Deif.

Are we witnessing the start of a regional war, or just a bloody series of reprisals between Israel and the Iranian proxies Hezbollah and Hamas?

The New York Sun's headline: The War on Iran Has Begun. The New Republic's: Israel's Next War Has Begun.

It would seem the Middle East tinderbox is primed for an explosion. The U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could quickly be caught up in a larger conflagration among Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinean authority.

Here's hoping cooler heads prevail...