65 Signs That 2013 Wasn't the Worst

Some of you may want to close the book on 2013 as quickly as possible. And, look. We get it. What a shit show – full of Super Typhoons and Syria's brutal Assad regime, 3-D printed guns and the government shutdown. The Boston Marathon suffered an awful tragedy. That factory in Bangladesh collapsed. George Zimmerman got away with it, the fucker. Lou Reed, Roger Ebert and Michael Hastings died. Then there was the twerking, the cronuts, the horse-meat Ikea meatballs, Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racist." 2014 can't get here quick enough!

And yet, before it's gone, let's remember that 2013 had a sunnier side too – one marked by a growing acceptance of gay Americans and ganja smokers, by solar-powered flight, a rad new pope and enduring human accomplishments. Read on for a look back at 65 signs that 2013 was a year worth living through, after all.

By Tim Dickinson