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Stepping Out: Mick Jagger Goes Solo

February 14, 3:15 PM ET

Mick Jagger Releases a Solo Album but says it's not the end of the Stones — Yet | More »

January 17, 1985

Jagger Wraps Up Solo LP

January 17, 2:20 PM ET

While still writing new stuff for the Stones. | More »

Hall and Oates:The Self-Righteous Brothers

January 17, 9:10 AM ET

For Daryl Hall and John Oates, life as pop music's biggest duo is not good enough | More »

December 6, 1984

The Rolling Stone Interview: Bruce Springsteen on 'Born in the U.S.A.'

December 6, 8:45 PM ET

"We wanted to play because we wanted to meet girls, make a ton of dough and change the world," says Springsteen | More »

November 22, 1984

Madonna Goes All the Way

November 22, 4:15 PM ET

The Queen of Pop doesn't have to thank any lucky stars for her newborn success. She's been planning this baby for a long time. | More »

October 25, 1984

Lindsey Buckingham, Lonely Guy

October 25, 3:15 PM ET

Handsome millionaire rock star, 34, seeks soul mate for long-term relationship, must be willing to relocate to L.A. No drugs | More »

Reagan Knows Who's Boss

October 25, 8:00 AM ET

Conservative political figures make Bruce Springsteen their latest darling | More »

September 27, 1984

The Intellectual Odyssey of Former Rolling Stones Promoter Peter Swales

September 27, 5:35 PM ET

He was once a promoter for the young Rolling Stones, a cool observer of their drug and devil world. He is now the punk historian of psychoanalysis | More »

September 13, 1984

Huey Lewis: Playing to Win

September 13, 10:35 AM ET

A decade of hard work wasn't enough to propel all-American Huey Lewis to the top. He also had to make a deal with the devil | More »

August 30, 1984

Mick Fleetwood Bankrupt

August 30, 2:35 PM ET

You'll wonder where the money went | More »

Prince Reigns

August 30, 12:00 AM ET

Satyr or shy boy? Shaman or skilled manipulator? The contradiction's within rock's most controversial superstar dominate his dazzling new movie ? and, it seems, the artist himself | More »

August 16, 1984

Bob Dylan Back in Peak Form

August 16, 1:00 PM ET

London show brings to mind his 'Blonde on Blonde' days | More »