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Hendrix Buried In Home Town

October 29, 3:10 PM ET

Paying respects and playing the blues | More »

Stones Finish European Tour

October 29, 12:45 PM ET

Band completes its first tour of the continent in three years with a three-night run in Paris | More »

October 15, 1970

Jimi Hendrix: An Appreciation

October 15, 5:35 PM ET

"Hendrix played with such power that the music assumed almost physical dimension" | More »

Mastering Dylan's New Album

October 15, 1:10 PM ET

Kooper and Johnston add their special touch and remain hush | More »

Jimi Hendrix, 1942-1970

October 15, 11:10 AM ET

Rolling Stone's 1970 obituary remembers the life and music of the guitarist after his untimely death | More »

October 1, 1970

Stones Plus Three on Road in Europe

October 1, 11:10 AM ET

Band brings along a little help for their first continental tour in three years | More »

The Battle Of Aspen

October 1, 12:00 AM ET

A memoir and rambling discussion (with rude slogans) of Freak Power in the Rockies | More »

September 3, 1970

Stones Want to Give Proceeds From Altamont Movie to Charity

September 3, 10:10 PM ET

The band, along with Jefferson Airplane, have announced their desire to see the film's profits given to the community | More »

It's All Still Up In The Air

September 3, 3:45 PM ET

The Stones plan to set up their own recording company. | More »

A Heavy Trip Inside Mick Jagger's Head

September 3, 1:00 PM ET

Inside the freak universe and exceptional performances of 'Performance,' a difficult and superb film | More »

August 6, 1970

Stones' Record Still Up in the Air

August 6, 9:45 PM ET

With a new live album on deck, Jagger and the Stones look to create their own label | More »