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Tim Buckley Dead at 28

August 14, 10:55 AM ET

Singer-songwriter who honed a distinct hybrid of folk, jazz and rock died in L.A. on June 29th | More »

Stones Visit Memphis

August 14, 8:35 AM ET

Tour rolls on through a spirited stop in Memphis before a drug bust sideshow in Texas | More »

July 31, 1975

The Stones Roll On: A Scare in Boston; Success in Toronto; A Slip in NY

July 31, 9:05 PM ET

Shenanigans aside, the Rolling Stones bring their powerful road show to North America | More »

July 17, 1975

The Rolling Stones' 1975 Tour: Baptized in Baton Rouge, Castrated in San Antone

July 17, 12:00 PM ET

World's greatest performing band bewilders the south | More »

June 19, 1975

Stones Loom, Ticket Sales Boom

June 19, 11:45 AM ET

The band announces its longest tour in a decade, prompting long lines at the ticket office | More »

June 5, 1975

New Rolling Stones Tour to Add Old Face

June 5, 3:00 PM ET

Stones tap Faces guitarist Ron Wood for new tour | More »

Stones Settle With Allen Klein: Four More Albums

June 5, 11:10 AM ET

Klein will get rights to Rock & Roll Circus, Greatest Hits albums | More »

May 22, 1975

Playing With Hendrix's Spirit

May 22, 1:25 PM ET

Unearthed and re-recorded Hendrix tracks pop up on new album 'Crash Landing' | More »

April 24, 1975

Pete Townshend's Mixed Blessing

April 24, 12:00 PM ET

'Tommy' gets a film version that's not exactly up to Townshend's standards | More »

Bryan Ferry: Dandy of the Bizarre

April 24, 8:10 AM ET

Roxy Music's frontman dresses up for his musical theater | More »

April 10, 1975

What's Deaf, Dumb & Blind and Costs $3.5 Million? 'Tommy!'

April 10, 1:45 PM ET

First came the Who's record, then an all-star album featuring the likes of Ringo Starr. Now Ken Russell has taken Tommy to the screen. | More »