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T. Rex Guitarist Marc Bolan Dies in Car Accident

November 3, 4:25 PM ET

The tragic death of an English superstar who never quite made it in the U.S. | More »

The Trouble With 'Cocksucker Blues'

November 3, 12:15 PM ET

The controversial movie that even the Stones find objectionable. | More »

Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Are Born, Not Made

November 3, 12:00 PM ET

The newest Stone is the life of a nonstop party and the last of a rock & roll breed | More »

Abortion Backlash: Women Lose

November 3, 11:55 AM ET

A huge social crisis develops over the issue of abortion as conservative forces grow stronger | More »

Hot Stuff From Mick and Keith

November 3, 11:40 AM ET

The Stones talk about their new live album, the pressures of rock-stardom, and the new bad boys of the English music scene. | More »

October 20, 1977

A Report on the Sex Pistols

October 20, 12:00 AM ET

Rock is sick and living in London | More »

September 22, 1977

Elvis Presley: Rock's First Icon

September 22, 6:20 AM ET

How the 'kid with the sideburns' became the King and changed the rules of rock & roll | More »

August 25, 1977

Fleetwood Mac Not Hurt By Stevie Nicks

August 25, 3:30 PM ET

Nicks, Buckingham and company triumph over adversity | More »

George Lucas: The Wizard of Star Wars

August 25, 8:00 AM ET

A conversation with the creator of 'Star Wars,' who reveals the voice behind Darth Vader, why robots need love too and where Wookies come from | More »

August 11, 1977

Bruce Springsteen Reclaims The Future

August 11, 3:15 PM ET

Springsteen owns his future after a bitter ten-month struggle with manager Mike Appel. An exclusive report on the legal battle | More »

Diana Ross: An Encounter in Three Scenes

August 11, 11:55 AM ET

She seems to be doing so many things at once, you wonder where this superstar gets all of her energy | More »

July 28, 1977

'Star Wars' Is Only Science Fiction, but I Like It

July 28, 2:55 PM ET

It might not win any literary awards, but it's still legitimate storytelling | More »