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The Who's Spooky Tour: Awe and Hassles

January 3, 10:50 AM ET

The band hits the road while still working out the kinks of playing 'Quadrophenia' live | More »

December 6, 1973

The Who Revitalize Themselves At Civic Hall

December 6, 1:40 PM ET

Without the thrills and frills of other band's comebacks the Who still put on a masterful performance | More »

Dylan and the Band Reunion

December 6, 11:25 AM ET

Graham Handling 25-City Tour, Elektra-Asylum Said to Have Inside Track on Album | More »

Waylon Jennings Gets Off the Grind-'Em-Out Circuit

December 6, 11:15 AM ET

Country is coming into its own, speeping into the ears of long-hairs and cowboys alike, and Waylon digs it | More »

The Allman Brothers Story

December 6, 12:00 AM ET

In which a rock & roll band from Dixie struggles in dreary motels, six-session-a-night grinds and a $48,000 debt, then a couple years later plays to sellout crowds for $100,000 a night . . . all while riding shotgun to death | More »

November 22, 1973

Keith Richards Has His Day In Court

November 22, 7:45 PM ET

Guitarist pleads guilty to possession of drugs and firearms | More »

November 8, 1973

Behind The Making Of 'A Film About Jimi Hendrix'

November 8, 12:15 PM ET

Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Mitch Mitchell and more share Hendrix stories in new film | More »

October 25, 1973

Gram Parsons: The Mysterious Death - and Aftermath

October 25, 4:45 PM ET

The singer-songwriter guitarist dies suddenly from unknown causes | More »

Memphis Magic: The Al Green Sound

October 25, 2:35 PM ET

"I'm a freak for music, I can't get away from the music . . . can't get away from the stage." | More »

October 11, 1973

Stones in Europe: A Hearty Welcome After Two Long Years

October 11, 7:35 PM ET

Band plays its first British dates in two years at Wembley Pool | More »

September 27, 1973

Fear And Loathing At The Watergate: Mr. Nixon Has Cashed His Check

September 27, 12:00 AM ET

Part I: The Worm Turns in Swamptown ... Violent Talk at the National Affairs Desk ... A Narrow Escape for Tex Colson... Heavy Duty in The Bunker...No Room for Gonzo? 'Hell, They Already Have This Story Nailed Up and Bleeding from Every Extremity.' | More »

September 13, 1973

Fleetwood Mac, Label Clash Over Continued 'Albatross' Success

September 13, 12:00 PM ET

The band refuses to play the song without Peter Green despite its continually favorable chart performance | More »