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'Black Gold,' New Hendrix In Old Tapes

September 26, 1:05 PM ET

Producer Alan Douglas is sifting through hundreds of old tapes to find unearthed Hendrix material | More »

September 12, 1974

Bob Dylan Goes Back to Columbia Records

September 12, 12:00 PM ET

Elektra/Asylum/Atlantic cochairman David Geffen is less than pleased with the deal | More »

August 29, 1974

Perspectives: The Hidden Dylan Book

August 29, 3:55 PM ET

A new book compares Dylan's lyrics to some of the great writers of the American tradition | More »

August 15, 1974

Ray Manzarek Opens a New Door: Jazz

August 15, 8:00 AM ET

The man behind the Doors' sound speaks out: "The success was so quick it frightened me." | More »

July 18, 1974

Explaining Who-Mania, For Pete's Sake

July 18, 12:30 PM ET

Attempting to get to the bottom of the Who's allure before their four-night run at Madison Square Garden | More »

Gil Evans: Jazzing Up Jimi

July 18, 12:30 PM ET

Evans gave Hendrix's music an orchestral workout | More »

July 4, 1974

The Carpenters: Up From Downey

July 4, 2:55 PM ET

After 25 million records, 10 gold singles and 5 gold albums Richard & Karen Carpenter have decided to leave home | More »

Fear And Loathing In Washington

July 4, 12:00 PM ET

It Was A Nice Place. They Were Principled People, Generally* | More »

June 20, 1974

New Rolling Stones Film Feels Too Stuffed

June 20, 10:45 AM ET

With the Stones removed from the live environment, the film lacks the band's usual drama | More »

Pete Townshend: Busy Days

June 20, 10:20 AM ET

With the beginning of production for 'Tommy,' Townshend finds himself stretched in many directions | More »

June 6, 1974

Bill Wyman Solo: It's Me, Such As I Am

June 6, 7:55 PM ET

At last, a quiet Stone speaks | More »