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American Grandstand: It Takes A Lot to Laugh

September 21, 3:15 PM ET

Bob Dylan's latest album reinforces the point that all rock gods are human | More »

Love in Vain: Dylan and the Stones in the Seventies

September 21, 1:25 PM ET

A second look at 'Street Legal' and 'Some Girls' after harsh initial reviews | More »

September 7, 1978

The Rolling Stones: The Road Ain't What It Used to Be

September 7, 4:55 PM ET

Has the band lost that touring magic? | More »

August 24, 1978

Nicks' Coat Gets Nicked

August 24, 4:15 PM ET

The Fleetwood Mac singer lost her signature black velvet jacket | More »

Bruce Springsteen Raises Cain

August 24, 8:00 AM ET

A true believer witnesses mass conversions, rock & roll vandalism, a rocket upside the head and a visit with God | More »

August 10, 1978

American Grandstand: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

August 10, 4:05 PM ET

Bob Dylan claims Elvis Presley's throne as Clown Prince of Rock & Roll | More »

The Rolling Stones: Just Another Rock Band?

August 10, 3:30 PM ET

Mediocre performances in New York and Philadelphia generate questions about the Stones' shaky present and uncertain future | More »

John Belushi: Son of Samurai

August 10, 9:35 AM ET

From killer bees on 'Saturday Night Live' to Blutomania in 'Animal House,' John Belushi finds success can be a double-edge sword | More »

July 27, 1978

Rolling Stones Gather Momentum

July 27, 12:35 PM ET

The band works through its hastily-compiled tour of the States | More »

July 13, 1978

Dylan Going Vegas?

July 13, 3:10 PM ET

With his new stage show, Bob Dylan embraces his role as an entertainer | More »

Springsteen Fever

July 13, 12:40 PM ET

On the road for 'Darkness On the Edge of Town,' Springsteen opens up about the making of the album | More »

Willie Nelson: Holy Man of the Honky Tonks

July 13, 12:00 AM ET

The saga of the king of Texas, from the night life to the good life | More »