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Ghosting the Story of Mick Jagger

May 26, 1:50 PM ET

Long-awaited autobiography in the works. | More »

April 28, 1983

Prince's Hot Rock: The Secret Life Of America's Sexiest One-Man Band

April 28, 12:40 PM ET

What does a twenty-two-year-old musical wizard in bikini briefs have that other rock stars don't? Whatever it is, it makes him the world's sexiest and most influential one-man band | More »

March 17, 1983

New Bowie Album Called 'Modern Big-Band Rock'

March 17, 7:15 PM ET

Rodgers and Bowie team up and land a good groove | More »

February 17, 1983

Michael Jackson: Life as a Man In the Magical Kingdom

February 17, 4:55 PM ET

The former child star talks new album 'Thriller,' his career, and wanting to escape it all | More »

November 11, 1982

The Who: Last Time Around

November 11, 12:00 AM ET

The Who say goodbye before they get old, and hello to a very uncertain future | More »

October 28, 1982

Fleetwood Mac: Happy at the Top

October 28, 12:00 PM ET

For the five personalities touring behind the Number One album in the country, tolerating one another is the road to survival | More »

October 14, 1982

The Who to Rake in Millions on Tour

October 14, 12:00 PM ET

Even before they'd played a single show, their farewell tour looked to be colossal financial success | More »

Springsteen LP Draws Mixed Reactions

October 14, 11:50 AM ET

Acoustic album seen as risky commercial venture | More »

September 30, 1982

The Who to Begin 'Final' U.S. Tour

September 30, 10:05 AM ET

Lead singer Roger Daltrey admits he's loved the road for the danger of it | More »

Mister Richard Gere

September 30, 12:00 AM ET

The American Gigolo becomes America's Sweetheart | More »

September 2, 1982

Elvis Costello Repents

September 2, 3:50 PM ET

The enigmatic artist talks about his musical roots, the frustrations of stardom, and the ugly incident that plagues his career | More »

August 5, 1982

The Stones in England: There's No Place Like Home

August 5, 1:30 PM ET

The new 'wholesome' image of the Stones is strengthened by a visit to their mother country. | More »