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The Rolling Stones Grow Old Angrily

August 21, 9:30 AM ET

With a fast-selling new album and a new lease on life, the Stones say they may go on forever. That doesn't mean they're not getting more jaded and cynical | More »

August 7, 1980

Fifteen Years of the Grateful Dead

August 7, 4:30 PM ET

Kids join the cult, new blood keeps the sound fresh, and the fathers of psychedelic rock vow to stay forever young | More »

Jackson Browne: The Rolling Stone Interview

August 7, 12:00 AM ET

Jackson Browne on love, marriage and the girl in his songs | More »

July 24, 1980

Slaves to the Empire: The 'Star Wars' Kids Talk Back

July 24, 2:30 PM ET

Five actors caught in the paradox of 'Star Wars' (the highest-grossing film of all time has done nothing for their careers) talk about their trap, the making of 'The Empire Strikes Back' and why they still want to be a part of the third installment | More »

June 26, 1980

Pete Townshend on 'Empty Glass,' Cincinnati, And the Who's Future

June 26, 2:30 PM ET

The Who leader talks life after Keith Moon, the aftermath of the Cincinnati tragedy | More »

June 12, 1980

'The Empire Strikes Back,' and So Does George Lucas

June 12, 2:15 PM ET

The Force behind 'Star Wars' hopes its sequel will make enough money so he can be free from the Hollywood studios | More »

May 29, 1980

The Vietnam Wars

May 29, 12:00 AM ET

Fighting to reclaim its devastated country, Vietnam faces a hostile China and the threat of a defeated enemy within its borders | More »

May 15, 1980

Heart Attack

May 15, 11:35 AM ET

How two sisters from Seattle teamed up to take on the world | More »

April 17, 1980

Townshend Cuts Solo Disc, The Who Set North American Dates

April 17, 12:00 PM ET

'Empty Glass' is out April 14, while the whole band gets to work on their own new LP | More »

March 6, 1980

The Who Sign with Warner Bros.

March 6, 12:00 PM ET

The band leaves their 15-year home at RCA | More »