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Rush: Power From the People

May 28, 1:15 PM ET

Ignored by critics and radio, this hard-rock trio went straight to the fans | More »

April 16, 1981

Fleetwood Mac's John McVie Gets Light Sentence

April 16, 3:05 PM ET

McVie and wife fined after pleading guilty to drug and gun possession charges | More »

March 19, 1981

The Crackup and Resurrection of Warren Zevon

March 19, 2:30 PM ET

How he saved himself from a coward's death | More »

February 19, 1981

Fleetwood Mac's John McVie Busted

February 19, 2:55 PM ET

Honolulu cops find drugs and guns | More »

U2: Here Comes the Next Big Thing

February 19, 11:10 AM ET

Since the release of debut album 'Boy,' the Irish band has been touring England and will soon hit the U.S. – and the world – in a big way | More »

February 5, 1981

Bruce Springsteen and the Secret of the World

February 5, 8:00 AM ET

Fame grips a Jersey boy, but he gets out unscathed | More »

December 11, 1980

The Unsinkable Dolly Parton

December 11, 4:35 PM ET

She's a working girl going from nine to five but she's doing a lot more than staying alive... she's a movie star | More »

November 27, 1980

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss Is Back

November 27, 8:00 AM ET

He hits the road for his first tour in two years and overcomes the stigma of being an East Coast phenomenon | More »

October 30, 1980

AC/DC Refuses To Give Up and Rocks On

October 30, 4:40 PM ET

Australia's raunchiest rockers overcome the death of their lead singer with another hit LP and hell-raising tour | More »

Fleetwood Mac's Last Stand – For Now

October 30, 1:25 PM ET

A gutsy display at the Hollywood Bowl | More »

John Bonham: 1948-1980

October 30, 12:40 PM ET

Known as 'Bonzo,' Led Zeppelin's drummer was the ultimate room destroyer | More »

AC/DC Shrug Off a Death and Rock On

October 30, 10:35 AM ET

Despite a hostile press and Bon Scott's death, the band has refused to give up | More »