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The Who Return To The Stage

June 28, 3:00 PM ET

Mods for moderns | More »

Graham Parker: Rumour Becomes Fact

June 28, 10:30 AM ET

After ten years of struggling, the English rocker finally finds an audience | More »

Platinum Blondie

June 28, 12:00 AM ET

A tough rock group rises above the new wave with the disco beat of "Heart of Glass." So what's wrong with this picture? | More »

May 31, 1979

Stones Serve Out Keith Richards' Sentence

May 31, 11:55 AM ET

A combined New Barbarians/Rolling Stones set in Canada fulfills the terms of Richards' drugs conviction | More »

Ron Wood Sticks His Neck Out

May 31, 11:25 AM ET

Stones guitarist releases his third solo album and prepares a star-studded tour | More »

May 17, 1979

The Who Unveil Plans For New York Shows

May 17, 2:10 PM ET

First live dates here since 1976 | More »

May 3, 1979

Keith Richards to Play Toronto Benefit, Tour With Ron Wood

May 3, 2:25 PM ET

The concerts will fulfill the terms of the probation he received last October after pleading guilty to a charge of heroin possession | More »

April 19, 1979

Chic Is Less Than Meets The Eye

April 19, 4:55 PM ET

The group behind 'Le Freak' got their whole concept from Kiss | More »

A Conversation With George Harrison

April 19, 11:25 AM ET

The 'Fab Four' is done for, and George couldn't be happier doing his own thing | More »

March 8, 1979

Sid Vicious Dead At 21

March 8, 11:30 AM ET

Drug overdose blamed | More »

February 22, 1979

Blues Brothers: Jake and Elwood's Secret Life

February 22, 12:05 PM ET

"I can't shake the screwy feeling I've seen Jake and Elwood before . . . I mean, who are they?" | More »

February 8, 1979

The Importance of Being a Ramone

February 8, 12:00 AM ET

Bang the heads slowly; these mysterious "brothers" aren't playing dumb, and aren't easing up on their loud, fast, raw rock & roll | More »