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Hendrix's Father Wins Music Rights

September 7, 3:05 PM ET

Al Hendrix settled out of court and retained the rights to his son's legacy | More »

Pearl Jam's Touring Future Looks Bleak

September 7, 11:00 AM ET

"As far as going out for six months straight, that's not going to happen anymore" | More »

Alicia Silverstone: Ballad of a Teenage Queen

September 7, 10:35 AM ET

The girl from the Aerosmith video grows up | More »

Radiohead Transform Emotional Turmoil Into Kinetic Pop

September 7, 12:00 AM ET

Frontman Thom Yorke talks sexuality, doesn't want to talk about opinions | More »

August 24, 1995

Justice Department Drops Investigation Into Pearl Jam's Ticketmaster Claim

August 24, 5:30 PM ET

Despite the setback, more dates on the way | More »

August 10, 1995

Pearl Jam Takes The Road Less Traveled

August 10, 4:50 PM ET

Pearl Jam cancel half of U.S. dates; will tour with Neil Young in Europe | More »

July 13, 1995

Jim Carrey: Bare Facts and Shocking Revelations

July 13, 4:00 PM ET

Funny-man and new face of Batman villian 'The Riddler', Jim Carrey pieces together thoughts on his life so far | More »

Beastie Boys Deliver a Mixed Bag in New York

July 13, 12:00 PM ET

The hits electrify, the mid-set slumps, then the Boys round it out with a smart, eclectic finish | More »

June 15, 1995

Earliest Known Jagger-Richards Collaboration Sold at Auction

June 15, 6:15 PM ET

Recorded in 1961, the tape has the sound of the Stones | More »

New Faces: Former Beastie Boy DJ Hurricane Turns to Rapping

June 15, 4:55 PM ET

The former Beastie has a new album out on the Boys' Grand Royal label | More »

Wild Thing: Drew Barrymore

June 15, 8:00 AM ET

She has done her living with a capital "L": alcoholism, drug addiction, attempted suicide, marriage, divorce, stardom, career extinction, and finally stardom again | More »

June 1, 1995

The Notorious B.I.G. Is Living Large

June 1, 1:35 PM ET

On his rugged autobiographical debut 'Ready to Die,' the Brooklyn hustler-turned-rapper proves he's a powerful wordsmith – and is getting a B.I.G. payback | More »