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Mariah Carey: Building the Perfect Diva

August 23, 10:25 AM ET

The singer has a top ten LP and a hit single, but whose 'Vision' is it? | More »

August 9, 1990

Stones Turn 92: Watts and Wood Celebrate Birthdays in Berlin

August 9, 12:00 PM ET

The drummer and guitarist are 49 and 43 | More »

June 14, 1990

Fleetwood Mac: Going Their Own Way

June 14, 5:55 PM ET

Fleetwood Mac finds a new life without Lindsey Buckingham | More »

May 31, 1990

The Stone Roses: Ready to Bloom in the U.S.A.

May 31, 9:00 AM ET

The band is the most successful to emerge out of Manchester since the Smiths | More »

April 19, 1990

Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour Rolls in Japan

April 19, 12:00 PM ET

Tokyo concert debut earns Stones $30 million | More »

April 5, 1990

Aerosmith's Amazing Road Back

April 5, 12:00 PM ET

For years their nasty habits got the best of them. But since the members of Aerosmith cleaned up, the band has been better than ever. | More »

March 8, 1990

Artist of the Year: The Rolling Stones

March 8, 1:40 PM ET

After resolving their difficulties, Mick, Keith and the gang recorded 'Steel Wheels' and hit the road to prove the Stones are still one of rock's greatest bands | More »

Bringing It All Back Home: Dylan Thrills With Exhaustive Show

March 8, 10:50 AM ET

A revitalized Dylan gives a rare club show | More »

February 22, 1990

New Faces: Nine Inch Nails

February 22, 12:00 PM ET

Trent Reznor plumbs the darkest depths for his debut album 'Pretty Hate Machine' | More »

February 8, 1990

Rolling Stones Wrap Up U.S. Tour With Eric Clapton, Axl Rose, John Lee Hooker

February 8, 1:40 PM ET

Clapton, other guests join band for cable-TV broadcast from Atlantic City | More »

The Stones Got Tape if You Want It

February 8, 12:00 PM ET

New Lorne Michaels-produced video features rare Stones footage | More »

January 25, 1990

Billy Joel On Fire, Again: The Rolling Stone Interview

January 25, 1:45 PM ET

He didn't start the fire, but he did smash a piano in Russia, make friends with the cops, marry a supermodel and sizzle the radio waves with scores of hit singles | More »