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Billy Joel On Fire, Again: The Rolling Stone Interview

January 25, 1:45 PM ET

He didn't start the fire, but he did smash a piano in Russia, make friends with the cops, marry a supermodel and sizzle the radio waves with scores of hit singles | More »

January 11, 1990

The 10 Best Movies of 1989

January 11, 4:30 PM ET

| More »

Springsteen Goes It Alone

January 11, 2:55 PM ET

Rocker will search for direction without the E Street Band. | More »

Rich Stones Want To Roll On

January 11, 1:10 PM ET

The band is considering extending its record-grossing tour to include Japan, Europe | More »

December 14, 1989

Movies of the Eighties

December 14, 12:05 PM ET

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November 30, 1989

Listless Bob Dylan Turns In Indifferent Show

November 30, 2:00 PM ET

On the night that Mr. Dylan went to Washington, he proved loud and boorish | More »

November 2, 1989

New Kids on the Block: From Puberty to Platinum

November 2, 1:55 PM ET

For the teen sensations, success is child's play – and the Kids are alright | More »

October 19, 1989

Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels Tour Stutters, Then Rolls

October 19, 3:25 PM ET

Start me up: Rolling Stones kick off American tour in Philadelphia | More »

'Steel Wheels' Spawns New Deals

October 19, 3:15 PM ET

How much money does the Rolling Stones need? | More »

New Faces: The Stone Roses

October 19, 11:40 AM ET

These boys are good, and don't they know it | More »

Public Enemy: Def or Dumb?

October 19, 12:00 AM ET

Public Enemy blasted its way to success with the pulse of black power, only to lose control of its message – and maybe its destiny | More »