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New Faces: Former Beastie Boy DJ Hurricane Turns to Rapping

June 15, 4:55 PM ET

The former Beastie has a new album out on the Boys' Grand Royal label | More »

Wild Thing: Drew Barrymore

June 15, 8:00 AM ET

She has done her living with a capital "L": alcoholism, drug addiction, attempted suicide, marriage, divorce, stardom, career extinction, and finally stardom again | More »

June 1, 1995

The Notorious B.I.G. Is Living Large

June 1, 1:35 PM ET

On his rugged autobiographical debut 'Ready to Die,' the Brooklyn hustler-turned-rapper proves he's a powerful wordsmith – and is getting a B.I.G. payback | More »

May 18, 1995

Pearl Jam's Tickets To Ride

May 18, 4:30 PM ET

The band hits the road their way | More »

'Friends': Six Lives on Videotape

May 18, 12:00 AM ET

No sex, bad jobs, improbably huge apartments - why do we like 'Friends' so much? | More »

May 4, 1995

This is How It Feels: Tom Petty on the Road

May 4, 1:15 PM ET

The solo artist and Heartbreakers bandleader comes clean | More »

April 20, 1995

Bob Dylan Gets Virtual with New CD-ROM

April 20, 12:00 PM ET

The songwriter goes electric, again | More »

March 23, 1995

Neil Young Turns Down Lollapalooza, Hits the Studio With Pearl Jam

March 23, 4:05 PM ET

The rock veteran forgoes Lolla's headlining slot in order to record an album with Eddie Vedder and co. | More »

Revenge of the Weezer Nerds

March 23, 11:15 AM ET

They're not punk, they're not pop, they're not pretty – but they're huge | More »

March 9, 1995

Voters For Choice Benefit: Pearl Jam, Neil Young, L7 and Lisa Germano

March 9, 3:25 PM ET

Pearl Jam's first performance since adding new drummer Jack Irons proved they might be the best band on the planet | More »

Ethan Hawke, Renaissance Boy

March 9, 2:00 PM ET

For the filmmaker, writer, theatrical impresario, and oh, yes, actor, happiness is an art | More »