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Bruce Springsteen's Secret History

December 10, 3:00 PM ET

Bruce talks the twenty-five years of music compiled on 'Tracks,' this season's best new music | More »

The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience

December 10, 2:45 PM ET

The Hendrix family takes control of Jimi's legacy for an ambitious program of digitally restored classics and raw bootlegs | More »

Big Willie Style

December 10, 12:35 PM ET

Will Smith is ready to rip on politics, conspiracy, cruel comedy, gangsta rap, ghetto love, and Bill and Monica | More »

December 8, 1998
November 26, 1998

Beck Talks 'Mutations,' Going Solo From Himself

November 26, 12:05 PM ET

"With Mutations, there was no Nineties angle. I really let the songs just exist outside of town – I mean, time." | More »

Fast-Food Nation Part Two: Meat and Potatoes

November 26, 12:00 AM ET

From slaughterhouse to Styrofoam, the dark side of the American diet | More »

November 25, 1998

Garth Tops Charts, Breaks Records

November 25, 12:00 AM ET

| More »

Women Just Want to Have Fun

November 25, 12:00 AM ET

| More »

November 18, 1998