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Manzarek and Friends Re-open Doors at Whisky

April 6, 12:00 AM ET

Farrell, Doe, Krieger join Manzarek for look back at Doors | More »

STP Refuel at Secret New York Show

April 6, 12:00 AM ET

Weiland in rare rock star form at Irving Plaza | More »

March 31, 2000

Cat Power Gets Some Satisfaction

March 31, 12:00 AM ET

Stagefright-afflicted singer Chan Marshall finds solace under the covers | More »

March 30, 2000

Steely Dan: Return of the Dark Brothers

March 30, 4:15 PM ET

Nearly two decade after burning out and fading away, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan are picking up exactly where they left off | More »

The Rolling Stone Hall of Fame: Bob Dylan's 'John Wesley Harding'

March 30, 3:40 PM ET

A look back at the greatest albums ever made | More »

We All Shrine On: On Bob Dylan, Duran Duran, and the Fans Who Love Them the Most

March 30, 12:00 PM ET

Heroic monuments, pathetic devotions and Bob Dylan in Hebrew: A guide to the ultimate fan sites | More »

'N Sync: Weird Scenes Inside the Glitter Factory

March 30, 11:55 AM ET

With their second album, 'No Strings Attached,' 'N Sync cut the ties that bind and step out on their own | More »

On the Road: No Doubt

March 30, 11:50 AM ET

No Doubt return to the stage for the first time in three years with 'Return of Saturn' | More »

'N Sync Camp Celebrates Pop's New Kings

March 30, 12:00 AM ET

N Sync members, label and manager stunned by "No Strings" sales phenomenon | More »

Phil Collins Suing Former Band Members

March 30, 12:00 AM ET

Oscar-winner Phil Collins trying to retrieve overpaid royalties | More »

March 27, 2000

Ian Dury Dead at Fifty-Seven

March 27, 12:00 AM ET

British rocker Ian Dury dies of cancer | More »

March 24, 2000

A Byrd Saves His Own -- And Folk Music's -- Back Pages

March 24, 12:00 AM ET

Roger McGuinn rescues folk classics and the legacy of the Byrds' autumn years from obscurity | More »