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Radiohead Reappear Completely

October 12, 12:00 AM ET

For first U.S. show in two years, Radiohead rock out | More »

October 11, 2000

Alanis Talks "High Places," Next Album

October 11, 12:00 AM ET

After shooting the debut of "High Places," Alanis regroups for next album | More »

October 10, 2000

For Slash, Life After Guns Is Grand

October 10, 12:00 AM ET

Slash weighs in on new album, the G n' R legacy, and late-night cooking shows | More »

Phish Taking a Breather

October 10, 12:00 AM ET

After years on the road, Phish take a hiatus | More »

Eminem Appears in Court for Pre-Trial Hearing

October 10, 12:00 AM ET

December date set for next Eminem court appearance | More »

October 4, 2000

Warning: Green Day Have Grown Up ... a Bit

October 4, 12:00 AM ET

Green Day crack up and congratulate themselves on their seriously good new album | More »

Country Music's Rookie Sensation

October 4, 12:00 AM ET

Taking a page from the book of Tubb, Brad Paisley keeps it country | More »

October 3, 2000

John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole

October 3, 12:00 AM ET

Parole denied for Mark David Chapman | More »

September 29, 2000

Ronnie Spector on Phil, Court Case and New Record

September 29, 12:00 AM ET

Keith Richards joins Ronnie Spector in the studio | More »

Queens of the Stone Age Talk Tour

September 29, 12:00 AM ET

Eyeballs, Kinks covers, naked people can be expected from Queens of the Stone Age | More »

September 28, 2000

Al Green's Gotta Serve Somebody

September 28, 12:00 AM ET

The Man with the greatest voice in popular music gave up his fame (and his women, and his cocaine) to serve the lord twenty-three years ago. He spends most of his time preaching in a Memphis church. Will he ever make another great soul record? | More »

Mark Knopfler Back with New Album After Four Years

September 28, 12:00 AM ET

Former Dire Straits frontman returns with "Sailing to Philadelphia" | More »