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May 25, 2001

RIAA Takes Aim at Aimster

May 25, 12:00 AM ET

Major labels target another file-sharing service | More »

Miles of New Davis Releases

May 25, 12:00 AM ET

Vaults continue to bear dazzling Miles Davis material | More »

May 24, 2001

AC/DC's Angus Young: The Rock & Roll Peter Pan

May 24, 12:50 PM ET

"I've always looked at it as a twelve-step-program rock & roll band: each day at a time" | More »

No Doubt Records with Prince, Dre

May 24, 12:45 PM ET

"It's like we started over on this record," says Stefani | More »

A Date With Destiny

May 24, 12:00 PM ET

In which the women of Destiny's Child obliterate a high school full of teenagers and several bags of Doritos on their road to world domination | More »

Radiohead Warm Up with 'Amnesiac'

May 24, 10:25 AM ET

With a new disc, the band shows off its intimate side | More »

The Father of Punk, Joey Ramone: 1951-2001

May 24, 9:50 AM ET

"Joey wasn't going to be a fighter pilot or a trial lawyer. He found rock & roll, and it found him." | More »

Trey Hopeful About Phish

May 24, 12:00 AM ET

Band members remain friendly, but no plans to regroup | More »

May 23, 2001

Aguilera Tries to Stop Demos

May 23, 12:00 AM ET

Singer suing former producers, label | More »

Tool Top the Charts

May 23, 12:00 AM ET

Missy, Weezer, R.E.M. also crack Top Ten | More »

An Appreciation of Bob Dylan, 40 Years On

May 23, 12:00 AM ET

Says Bono: 'It's like trying to talk about the pyramids. What do you do? You just stand back and . . . gape.' | More »