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U2 Hope to Reawaken America

November 1, 12:00 AM ET

The Edge says U2 are happy to strip down | More »

Sammy Hagar Still Stands on Top of the World

November 1, 12:00 AM ET

Rock & roll tequila tycoon Sammy Hagar gets the best of both worlds | More »

October 31, 2000

Elliiott Smith Brings the Reaper to the Beacon

October 31, 12:00 AM ET

NYC gig finds Smith defying the indie-snob rules | More »

Manson Targets Guns, God and Government

October 31, 12:00 AM ET

Tour debut finds Marilyn Manson balancing shock and schlock | More »

Lauryn Hill's Courtroom Saga Continues

October 31, 12:00 AM ET

Hill returns to courtroom in "Miseducation" lawsuit | More »

October 30, 2000

Petty, Beck, Foos Highlight Bridge Show

October 30, 12:00 AM ET

Young's Bridge benefit brings out best in Petty, Beck, RHCP | More »

October 26, 2000

Johnny Cash Won't Back Down

October 26, 1:50 PM ET

Three years after being diagnosed with a nervous disorder, Johnny Cash is back with an album that looks death right in the eye. A conversation with an American master | More »

Beck and Timbaland's Bowie Cover

October 26, 10:45 AM ET

The duo worked on an interstellar freakout version of Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" for 'Moulin Rouge' | More »

New Album, Then Retirement for Garth

October 26, 12:00 AM ET

Brooks announces plans for one more album before retirement | More »

October 20, 2000

Eleven Angry Men Vent in New Jersey

October 20, 12:00 AM ET

Eminem, Limp Bizkit talk trash at Anger Management tour | More »

N Sync's Would-Be Assassin's Plot Foiled

October 20, 12:00 AM ET

A Tennessee mother killed her son's plan to kill 'N Sync | More »

October 19, 2000

Queens of the Stone Age Feel Good About Foos Tour

October 19, 12:00 AM ET

Toker anthem specialists Queens of the Stone Age get ready for road | More »