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The Fray Live the High "Life"

March 30, 5:53 PM ET

Denver pop-rockers balance beer-and-breakfast with their first hot single | More »

Q&A: Tori Amos Talks in Tongues

March 30, 1:27 PM ET

The mystical, enigmatic singer-songwriter discusses her new album and the anniversary of her debut | More »

Courtney Love Sells Nirvana Rights Share

March 30, 11:23 AM ET

Kurt Cobain's widow partners with ex-Virgin Records COO/GM to manage catalog | More »

March 29, 2006

Prince's "3121" Tops the Chart

March 29, 4:51 PM ET

Crooner James Blunt kept at bay by unstoppable tween attack | More »

Barat Finds Life After Libertines

March 29, 3:56 PM ET

Rocker readies debut from aggressive new outfit, Dirty Pretty Things | More »

March 28, 2006

Paul Simon Returns With "Surprise"

March 28, 2:47 PM ET

Hall of Famer collaborated with Brian Eno on ninth studio album | More »

March 27, 2006

Sweet and Hoffs Pull Back "Covers"

March 27, 5:20 PM ET

Power-poppers unite to recast Sixties gems | More »

Rhinestone Cowboy Owens Dead at 76

March 27, 12:45 PM ET

Singer brought country to a wider audience with "Act Naturally," "Hee-Haw" | More »

March 24, 2006

Snow Patrol Keep Their Eyes Open

March 24, 4:23 PM ET

Alt-pop auteur Gary Lightbody gets really low, really high on new album | More »

Vince Neil Readies Crue and Solo Albums

March 24, 4:08 PM ET

Rocker hopes to record his own CD before the band and Bob hit the studio | More »

The Vines Rock Again on "Vision"

March 24, 12:00 AM ET

Craig Nicholls says Asperger's hasn't thrown his music | More »

March 23, 2006

Heath Ledger's Lonesome Trail

March 23, 4:55 PM ET

The breakout performer in the year's most talked-about film has all the makings of a classic leading man. Too bad he hates being a movie star | More »