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CMJ Music Marathon Kicks Off

November 1, 4:19 PM ET

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October 26, 2006
October 25, 2006
October 23, 2006
October 19, 2006

Tangled Up in Dylans

October 19, 4:45 PM ET

On the set of Todd Haynes' ambitious new biopic, starring Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere and Heath Leader – all as Dylan | More »

Bob Dylan Comes to Broadway

October 19, 4:30 PM ET

Choreographer Twyla Tharp follows up her Billy Joel musical with a Dylan show | More »

Townshend, Daltrey Perform New Song on 'Letterman'

October 19, 4:10 PM ET

Acoustic performance previews their upcoming album 'Endless Wire' | More »

Stones Take Victory Lap

October 19, 11:10 AM ET

Mick and Keith talk about the Rolling Stones' return to the U.S. on their Bigger Bang tour, set to be the highest-earning tour of all time | More »

Hot Influence: Bruce Springsteen

October 19, 10:30 AM ET

The Killers, Arcade Fire and more give themselves Bruce-inspired makeovers | More »

Beck's Rock & Roll Puppet Show Hits NYC

October 19, 1:14 AM ET

Dinner service and hipster marionettes lend charm to the troubadour's dazzling live show | More »

Fergie Dances With Herself

October 19, 12:00 AM ET

A former child star turned drug addict turned Black Eyed Pea, Fergie now has a chance to play a new character: Stacy Ferguson | More »

The Hold Steady: America's greatest bar band

October 19, 12:00 AM ET

"I hope when we play, someone feels like I did when I saw the Replacements in high school" -- Craig Finn | More »