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Mike Dirnt on Green Day's Dark, Drunken Path to Rock & Roll Glory

May 14, 3:07 PM ET

"I wanted to be in the biggest fucking rock & roll band in the world - and the best" | More »

NBC News' Brian Williams Embraces Inner "Music Freak"

May 14, 11:45 AM ET

"BriTunes" host on his massive iTunes library, discovering Deer Tick and prepping to go on air by listening to Jay-Z | More »

Dylan's Radio Show To End?

May 14, 10:55 AM ET

So long, it's been good to know yuh . . . | More »

Bob Dylan's Late-Era, Old-Style American Individualism

May 14, 12:00 AM ET

It's a land of Walt Whitman and Chuck Berry, of border towns and murder ballads — and America's greatest songwriter may be the last man living there | More »

May 13, 2009