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The Biggest Comics at Comic-Con

July 27, 7:15 AM ET

Cooke's "The Hunter" and Powell's "Swallow Me Whole," plus Marvel and DC's main events | More »

July 24, 2009

Gilliam Previews Heath Ledger's Final Film

July 24, 10:23 AM ET

Surreal vision of "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" debuts at Comic-Con. | More »

"Titanic" Director James Cameron Premieres First Footage of Sci-Fi Epic "Avatar"

July 24, 9:44 AM ET

Film boasts next-level CGI effects, eye-popping 3-D, Sigourney Weaver | More »

Twihards Overpower Cosplayers as "New Moon" Hits Comic-Con

July 24, 9:01 AM ET

"Twilight"'s sizable imprint on pop culture on display in San Diego | More »

July 23, 2009