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The Semi-Charmed Life of Vampire Weekend

February 4, 11:35 AM ET

America's brainiest, preppiest young band looks like it formed on the ferry to Nantucket – but things aren't always what they seem | More »

February 3, 2010

Weezy Phone Home: Is Lil Wayne Hip-Hop's Alien or Simply the Greatest?

February 3, 9:00 AM ET

The writer of "Lil Wayne Goes to Jail" on the MC who loves Andy Warhol, the Boston Bruins and rethinking the game | More »

The Music That Feeds "Crazy Heart"

February 3, 8:00 AM ET

Behind the songs that transform Jeff Bridges into Bad Blake | More »

Breaking: Yeasayer

February 3, 12:00 AM ET

| More »