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The Black Keys Rock Central Park

August 19, 4:55 PM ET

Fans dug the bluesy songs from the band's new album, 'Brothers' | More »

Conan O'Brien, Jack White Offer New Comedy Record

August 19, 3:19 PM ET

White interviews O'Brien, who also riffs on the Frankenstein story | More »

Aerosmith Bassist Confirms: Steven Tyler Joining 'Idol'

August 19, 2:30 PM ET

Show's producers will not annouce new judges until next month | More »

More Top Stories: Kanye West, Madonna

August 19, 2:05 PM ET

Plus: Drake, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake | More »

Album Sales Hit a New Low Last Week

August 19, 1:02 PM ET

Second time this year that sales have dropped below 5 million | More »

Diary of a Dying Planet

August 19, 12:10 PM ET

Killer heat waves. Melting glaciers. Floods that strand millions of refugees. Global warming is not some futuristic doomsday. It's already here - and the death toll is rising | More »

Beck Cuts 'Scott Pilgrim' Songs

August 19, 12:00 PM ET

The songwriter gives Michael Cera's band its voice | More »

Q&A: Julian Casablancas on His Solo Album and the Strokes' Return

August 19, 12:00 PM ET

The frontman discusses songwriting and fatherhood | More »

Radiohead's Phil Selway Cuts Solo LP

August 19, 11:20 AM ET

Drummer wrote acoustic songs between touring with his main band | More »

Sex, God & Katy Perry

August 19, 10:55 AM ET

How did a fire-and-brimstone-preacher's daughter become America's sexiest pop star? | More »

Comedian Chelsea Handler To Host VMAs

August 19, 9:36 AM ET

Justin Bieber and B.o.B will perform at the MTV award show | More »