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Slash Reveals That Velvet Revolver Is Playing Again

October 12, 5:23 PM ET

After a long hiatus, the band is 'jamming' and testing out new singers | More »

Writer Announced for Freddie Mercury Biopic

October 12, 5:05 PM ET

It's sort of like a family movie,' says screenwriter Peter Morgan. 'It's sort of like 'I hate my family, I want to be independent, and then I come back.'' | More »

Inside Weezer's Rarities Compilation

October 12, 4:36 PM ET

'It's stuff that was either too poppy or too heavy metal or too weird to make it onto any of our records,' Cuomo tells 'Rolling Stone.' | More »

Watch: Eminem's '60 Minutes' Interview

October 12, 1:44 PM ET

Slim Shady talks childhood, overdose and controversial lyrics in interview with Anderson Cooper | More »

Al Pacino to Play Phil Spector in Biopic

October 12, 11:00 AM ET

Oscar-winning actor and writer/director David Mamet to bring Spector's life to HBO | More »

Exclusive: Jay-Z's Ad to Get Out the Vote

October 12, 10:39 AM ET

Fight for what's right, fight for what you believe in,' the rapper says | More »

October 11, 2010

Austin City Limits, Day 3: Eagles, Flaming Lips, National Close Fest

October 11, 12:15 PM ET

'The beauty of a festival is that [the crowd] is not all there to see you ? they're partying,' Wayne Coyne says. 'That frees you up to not worry that you didn't have ten hours to set up your laser beams. | More »

October 10, 2010