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Exclusive: Hear an Anthemic New Cold War Kids Song

October 15, 12:37 PM ET

'Royal Blue' will appear on band's third LP, 'Mine Is Yours,' due in January. | More »

T.I. Says Suicide Rescue Was Not a Publicity Stunt

October 15, 9:23 AM ET

This is not something I could have planned,' says T.I., who today finds out whether a drug charge will cause his probation to be revoked | More »

October 14, 2010

Prince Announces East Coast Concert Series

October 14, 7:17 PM ET

The multi-night stand, called 'Welcome 2 America,' will happen in the New York area and feature guests like Maceo Parker and Cassandar Wilson performing with Prince | More »

Video: Duff McKagan Reunites With Axl Rose Onstage

October 14, 7:03 PM ET

McKagan plays with Guns N' Roses for the first time seventeen years | More »

John Stamos' Beach Boys Movie to Be a 'Celebration'

October 14, 7:00 PM ET

'It's completely non-biographical,' Stamos, who is producing, says. 'The deal is to redo the songs with the actors singing, sort of in the way that they do on 'Glee.'' | More »

Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity Ignites Controversy

October 14, 5:35 PM ET

NPR forbids its jourmalists from attending the event | More »

Lady Gaga Buys Back Old Demos

October 14, 5:26 PM ET

Seven discs of unreleased songs Stefani Germanotta hit the auction block, and Gaga swoops in to purchase them. | More »

Wayne Coyne Makes Poster Using His Own Blood

October 14, 2:20 PM ET

Flaming Lips frontman uses his blood as ink for one-of-a-kind Austin City Limits poster. | More »

Ron Wood on His Solo LP, Getting Sober and What's Next for the Stones

October 14, 1:25 PM ET

Checking in with the Rolling Stones guitarist on the advent of his new star-studded solo record, 'I Feel Like Playing' | More »