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Lady Gaga Buys Back Old Demos

October 14, 5:26 PM ET

Seven discs of unreleased songs Stefani Germanotta hit the auction block, and Gaga swoops in to purchase them. | More »

Wayne Coyne Makes Poster Using His Own Blood

October 14, 2:20 PM ET

Flaming Lips frontman uses his blood as ink for one-of-a-kind Austin City Limits poster. | More »

Ron Wood on His Solo LP, Getting Sober and What's Next for the Stones

October 14, 1:25 PM ET

Checking in with the Rolling Stones guitarist on the advent of his new star-studded solo record, 'I Feel Like Playing' | More »

Lil Wayne Writes Letter From Solitary Confinement

October 14, 12:50 PM ET

Plus: Weezy's 'Human Being' set for Number One debut on 'Billboard' albums chart. | More »

Rihanna in 'Battleship': Hollywood's Latest Awful Idea

October 14, 11:40 AM ET

Hollywood's playing games with us and gambling millions | More »

T.I. Saves Man From Suicide

October 14, 9:32 AM ET

The rapper becomes an unlikely hero after talking a suicidal man out of jumping off a building | More »

Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview

October 14, 7:00 AM ET

In an Oval Office interview, the president discusses the Tea Party, the war, the economy and what's at stake this November | More »

Hot Band: Mumford and Sons

October 14, 12:00 AM ET

Driven by the hit 'Little Lion Man', the British folk revivalists crack the Top 20 | More »

October 13, 2010

Michael Jackson Video Collection Announced

October 13, 6:09 PM ET

Michael Jackson's Vision' will feature over 40 clips, from the full version of 'Thriller' to the unreleased 'One More Chance' | More »

Toby Keith Edges Kenny Chesney for Number One

October 13, 2:53 PM ET

Toby Keith Edges Kenny Chesney for Number One | More »

The Case for Obama

October 13, 1:15 PM ET

The charges are familiar: He's a compromiser who hasn't stood up to the GOP or Wall Street. But a look at his record reveals something even more startling — a truly historic presidency | More »

Ozzy Osbourne Is Taking Your Health Questions

October 13, 12:10 PM ET

Meet Rolling Stone’s new advice columnist: the Prince of Darkness. He’s taking questions for a limited time below. | More »