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Eric Clapton to Sell 70 Guitars From His Collection

December 9, 4:59 PM ET

Auction will raise money for his drug and alcohol rehab center | More »

Jim Morrison Pardoned By Florida Clemency Board

December 9, 4:10 PM ET

Doors lead singer's indecent exposure conviction stems from 1969 incident | More »

Gorillaz to Release Free iPad Recording Christmas Day

December 9, 3:30 PM ET

Album concludes band's online Advent calendar | More »

Rihanna Gets 'Loud' With Disc of High-Energy Party Jams

December 9, 12:15 PM ET

Depeche Mode, Euro club music inspire singer's upbeat fifth album | More »

Keith Richards Kills Orchid With Secondhand Smoke

December 9, 12:14 PM ET

Guitarist smoked in New York library exec's office before giving talk; plant died days later | More »

Five More Years at Sirius XM for Howard Stern

December 9, 12:07 PM ET

Stern turned down offers from two terrestrial radio stations, Boston University | More »

Q&A: Cee Lo Green on Freddie Mercury and the Future of Gnarls Barkley

December 9, 12:00 PM ET

The Atlanta soul singer talks life since landing mega-hit 'Fuck You' | More »

The Best of the John Lennon Tributes

December 9, 11:55 AM ET

Bono, Sean Lennon, Ray Davis, others remember Lennon on the anniversary of his death | More »

Q&A: Bill Gates on How to Stop Global Warming

December 9, 11:05 AM ET

Bill Gates is investing millions to halt global warming by creating an inexhaustible supply of carbon-free energy | More »

Radiohead Still Polishing Next Album

December 9, 10:15 AM ET

No word on release date for follow-up to 2007's 'In Rainbows' | More »