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A Piece of Jimi Hendrix's Rainbow

December 2, 1:40 PM ET

How a calculating band of lawyers, promoters, cons and other vultures have plundered the grave of Jimi Hendrix | More »

November 18, 1976

Who Meet Dead: Talk About Their G-G-Generation

November 18, 5:15 PM ET

The two iconic bands from a decade before co-headline in Oakland | More »

Janis Joplin On Her Own Terms

November 18, 10:40 AM ET

Her transformation rom the ugly duckling of Port Harbor to the peacock of Haight-Ashbury | More »

November 16, 1976

Rolling Stones in Hot Water Over Song Lyrics

November 16, 9:55 AM ET

Equal rights groups react strongly to lyrics of 'Some Girls,' prompting the band to release a statement | More »

November 4, 1976

The Healing of Brother Brian: The Rolling Stone Interview With the Beach Boys

November 4, 4:25 PM ET

A multitrack interview with Beach Boys Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and Al, plus Brian's mom, his dad, his wife and his shrink | More »

Live Report: The Meters

November 4, 1:25 PM ET

At Paul's Mall in Boston, Massachusetts on September 6th-12th, 1976 | More »

October 21, 1976

'Hard Rain,' Hard Rock, Hard Sell

October 21, 3:00 PM ET

Bob Dylan makes his TV debut and grants an intervew to 'TV Guide' | More »

October 7, 1976

American Grandstand: I Can't Explain, Noted Critic Claims

October 7, 4:25 PM ET

The Who are the best band in rock and roll | More »

September 23, 1976

Keith Moon Hospitalized: 'I Felt Dizzy'

September 23, 3:55 PM ET

But he's out again. Be warned | More »

The Importance of Being Neil Diamond

September 23, 12:50 PM ET

The frog who would be king | More »

August 26, 1976

Aerosmith: Hard Rock's Down and Dirty Heroes

August 26, 11:35 AM ET

The latest band in heavy metal rock has a flair for getting loud and lewd, with an audience to match | More »