Sons of the Sea's Brandon Boyd on Jumping Into Songs Headfirst

Incubus frontman opens up about new project

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Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd is very eager to talk about his new project, Sons of the Sea. The band's self-titled first album features bright vocals and smooth guitarwork reminiscent of Sixties California surf-pop – and they come from a very personal place, as Boyd explains in this exclusive clip.

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"As I've gotten older, I've learned that the more I just sort of jump in feet-first without asking too many questions, without overthinking things [or] over-cooking them, the more fuel I've had for making music and making art and feeling more alive," he explains.

Sons of the Sea released Compass, a four-song EP, last month; their debut album is set for release on September 24th.

"I actually see life as art," Boyd says.  "I think that human beings are an expression of the universe."