Pujol Engage in harmless knifeplay in 'Mayday'

Good-natured knifeplay featured in new video

Rolling Stone

Daniel Pujol, namesake of the scrappy Saddle Creek act Pujol, keeps himself busy. Nasty, Brutish and Short, Pujol's new EP, is their 10th release in two years, including singles, EPs and full-lengths. The video for "Mayday," the fuzzed-out garage-pop track that kicks off the EP, finds Pujol engaging in some good-natured competition with friends, including card games and a little harmless knifeplay. The sportsmanship portrayed "begets something between the two parties involved," explains Pujol, "like a music video or human synergy, as opposed to the brinksmanship and funky power struggles of a zero-sum game for exclusive wieners and losers."