Kaskade, Swanky Tunes and Lights Get Animated in 'No One Knows Who We Are' - Premiere

Robot houses abide in strange, gorgeous new EDM clip

EDM mastermind Kaskade recently teamed up with production trio Swanky Tunes and singer Lights for a new track, "No One Knows Who We Are," which will appear on the DJ-producer's new album set for release sometime this year on Ultra. Now you can take an exclusive first look at the triumphant banger's gorgeous animated clip, which tells the story of a girl stuck in a dead-end town who suddenly finds herself facing off against a giant robot made of ticky-tacky houses. But with the power of song and the help of some superhero DJs, the robo-house/metaphor-for-suburban-drudgery is defeated as the track reaches its bombastic conclusion.

"I always am going for a different vibe with each song and I feel like I hit this one on the nose, which is why each collaboration is always so special and unique," Kaskade tells Rolling Stone. "These guys brought something to the table that I couldn't have achieved on my own and they just help the track move in a way I wouldn't have imagined. The comic-style animation in this video really helps bring an added visual element that helps lifts the beats and Lights' vocals, giving the song even more of an electric charge."