Kaskade & Skrillex 'Lick It'

EDM stars collaborate for wild new video

The video for "Lick It" – a collaboration by two of EDM's biggest names, Skrillex and Kaskade, that appears on the latter's Fire and Ice – premiered today over at MTV.

The glitchy video shows Icelandic actress and soccer player Anita Lisa Svansdottir traversing a snow-covered landscape (in reverse, no less), desperately in search of some tunes which will help solve her bleeding-out-of-the-ears problem.

"Skrillex and I have different styles," Kaskade told MTV.com, "but that is part of what made it fun. I like doing the unexpected, and this track and video is something truly distinctive."

In other Skrillex news, the DJ was tapped to play this year's Outside Lands festival in San Francisco.